Cerge 8.0

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I didn’t really like Cerge as a wolf. Yes, he was a nice sun elf again, but maybe it was the lack of good gear or something, but he felt weak, squishy and hard to level. I’ve been dong TRs in ED sphere order with a few eTRs inbetween… I started with arcane (sorc, wiz, bard), then divine (fvs, cleric, pally) and now I’m working on the primal sphere. The next class would be ranger or artificer, and since I was told that artis aren’t really that good in epics, I decided on ranger. Short told me that I should go pure, so I’ve decided to use a heart to get rid of the iconic default starter class.  Here’s the first draft of Cerge 8.0.

Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 4.31.203DDO Character Planner Home PageCerge  Level 30 True Neutral Shadar-Kai Male (20 Ranger 10 Epic) Hit…

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