2017 gaming resolutions


Hot on the heels of my review of last year’s gaming goals, here’s some new ones for 2017.

1. Back to the Stars.

I have had a very fantasy-heavy Autumn/Winter in 2016, so it’s time for me to indulge in some SWTOR space travel. I popped back into the game just to trial the first chapter of the KOTET chapter and it was so good to be rocking around the galaxy in my Jedi Defender once more (a review of that will follow next week!).

Immediate plans are to sub up in Jan and get the rest of KOTET’s story played. I have also snuck in a couple of sessions of Imperial Agent in between Christmas and New Year, my “do what it takes” dark-side Agent went the sneaky/stabby Operative route for his advanced class. So far I’m loving the combination of stealth gameplay (which I enjoy in SWTOR…

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