Syp’s Gaming Goals: January 2017

Bio Break

pyreDecember in review

Due to the holidays and the changes to my routine, I actually ended up with a lot less time to game than normal (turns out that when your wife AND kids are home all of the time, this happens). Still, it was kind of a good month and I leave it feeling optimistic about what I’m playing and where I’m going.

In The Secret World, I went through and documented the entire Nursery quest line as well as the Christmas mission. I did make some headway into Suramar City in World of Warcraft, but slowed way down in my progression through RIFT’s Gedlo Badlands (although I did have a lot of fun with my guild at the Christmas party). LOTRO started picking up more play time from me as I’ve been starting on the whole post-battle Update 19 content. I’ve become apathetic toward Guild Wars 2 once…

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