2016 -> 2017 [Part The First]

Dyson's Dodecahedron


Well, it’s about time to ring in the new year, right? 2016 may have sucked large for a lot of people, but it did me alright. The Patreon Campaign broke new ground this year and we are releasing not just four new commercial maps each month, but we’re also digging through the back catalog of maps and re-releasing two old maps under the commercial license – and I’m maintaining a release schedule of 2 new maps a week.

But it wasn’t all maps – I got in a fair amount of RPG time this past year and my goal this coming year is to add a few more games to the played list.

Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

This got a significant amount of play over the year as we took our “playtest” campaign from level 4 to level 9 in (mostly) bi-weekly play. Once again, however, it has reminded me…

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