Bugged out in Prove your Worth

Micki's Delirium

While running Prove your Worth EE today, I managed to run into a glitch that completely hindered my game play. I died running through the hallway with spinning blades… and while searching my way forward, as I reached the shrine, the 10 second timer was up, and I should have teleported back to my soul stone. Except instead of getting back to my soul stone, I got an error saying that teleport had failed, and my screen (except for hotbars and chats) was pitch black. I could not even move my mouse while in camera lock mode.

My party claimed they could not see my on the screen, while a moment later they said they could (the blue dot that is, my ghost was gone). I decided to relog, but the game refused to log me out, the log bar never showed up. Instead I started my Task manager and…

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