Vault of the Ghost King

Dyson's Dodecahedron

When the curse of the Naga Reborn was revealed to be creeping through the regions around the Black Mire, sages and dwarves alike brought out the archives of the Ghost King – the warrior-lord who sacrificed even his name in order to end the curse last time.

Vault of the Ghost King Vault of the Ghost King

The problem in replicating his feat, however, is that his ancient palace is lost, his bloodline destroyed, and his tomb lay ever empty.

But Helbret, apprentice to the local sage, is sure that he’s figured out where the Ghost King originally found the means to end the curse. Further, he believes that the Ghost King had only figured out part of the process which is why the cost he bore was so great. But who would believe Helbret, a mere apprentice? So he took the map and his ideas to his friends who had gone on to more interesting…

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