LE/EE raids week 11

Micki's Delirium

Last week I didn’t post for LE Shroud because of New Year’s and all, but this week I was back at it. Both Urgan and Jedli were with me, a couple of the germans and even Stitchz joined. We seemed to have a good group, but during the first attempt we were lagging so badly in p1, that I decided to call a restart. Second try was a little less laggy, but still laggy. I was running Thaz, who now have a bit over 100 PRR, and I thought that this would help me stay alive.. but no. I died and I died and I died some more. I’ll have to do more eTRs to boost her resistances more, and I need to have a look at her gear once more. Anyway, the Shroud run was pretty basic, some deaths, but no more than usual, and we completed in 62…

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