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There is no doubt that dragons hold a special place for all adventurers.  There isn’t much that is more dramatic and epic then coming face to face with deadly dragon.  One dragon that I have been wondering about for awhile now is Tharmalos.  Tharmalos is the end boss to the quest Don’t Drink the Water in Eveningstar.  When we first make our way into Eveningstar, one of the things we learn right away is that the drow are laying siege to the small village.  In this endeavor, the drow are employing a wide array of military tactics from raiding the smaller outlying homes and villages, sabotaging supplies, and even forming some dangerous alliances.  One of these alliances is with the powerful green dragon Tharmalos.

The drow have tasked Tharmalos to basically poison the water supply to the village.  To do this, Tharmalos has raised together a small army of Yuan-ti

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