The hill and the massive ball of deconstruct I keep pushing just to see it roll over the top and down on the other side

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

Yesterday I spent over an hour and (140ish items later) deconstructing for essences and this morning I tried to shave off a few more. I didn’t have all that much time yesterday and I did want to get the Pre setup and run a couple of quests just to see how well I managed to balance my FvS between specific spells and the Pre itself.

My take away is the same as my previous post; something is definitely not right in the land of crafting.

To give you a specific answer one can only look at how much you have to deconstruct and how arbitrary the amounts are. Like a level 3 deconstruct (and if you don’t know through crafting all powers you deconstruct are assigned a level – I guess the idea is that the higher the level of deconstruct the more essences you get) can give you 3…

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