Traveling to the Big Top

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The Phiarlan Carnival story arc is composed of quests that are fun and unique and include A Small Problem, Partycrashers, and The Snitch.  The capstone to the story arc is a quest called Under the Big Top.  Like the other quests in the series, Under the Big Top is a level 5 quest on heroic normal and level 20 on epic normal.  The quest is unique in that it takes place entirely within a carnival setting and culminating in an end fight in the Big Top of the Traveling Troubadors.

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Suppply making his way through the carnival.

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Dealing with the tiefling tricksters.

In my opinion, the quest is medium in length, making it nice for a relatively quick run.  As I mentioned previously, it occurs entirely within the a carnival back drop.  The majority of beings you initially come across are disguised tieflings pretending to be various…

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