Freezing Some Monsters

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Erdrique (Level 10) is currently working through a melee bard life.  For this particular iteration, I have decided to primarily focus as a Warchanter.  One of the fun aspects of a Warchanter bard is the ability to use melee attacks to freeze your enemies.  There are three enhancements that allow this ability: The Frozen Fury, Northwind, and Spinning Ice.

The first of these abilities is The Frozen Fury.  The Frozen Fury is an active ability and is a special melee attack that can be taken up to three times.  Each time you take the enhancement the damage inflicted from this attack is increased by +1W.  When an enemy is hit, it must make a fortitude save against 10+Charisma modifier+(0 or 1/4 or 1/2 Bard Level)+stunning modifiers.  The amount applied to the bard levels depends on the number of times you have trained the enhancement, with the third time adding…

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