Be vewwy, vewwy quiet…

Even Now

… we’re hunting (w)Abbots!

The past week saw Vic finally – FINALLY! complete her sigil and then, along with Seki and Slvr, do the required four Litany runs to finish flagging for Abbot, aka Ascension Chamber.

Vic’s not great against undead, though. And she got killed really fast trying to make it through the poison water in the ice puzzle while she was doing solo puzzle practice. AND of the very few Flower Sniffers who’ve completed flagging, Seki and I were the only ones who made it on for Sunday’s show.

So Vic stayed on the airship polishing some silver she’d stolen – she’s a rogue, after all – while Even buffed up for what turned out to be a most entertaining night with Seki and later Slvr along with some random PuGgers and folks from Twitch chat.

For me, the most notable thing about the evening was that for…

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