Finding a purpose for my Amazon Echo

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One of the presents we got this past Christmas was a surprise Amazon Echo. It wasn’t even something on my radar to get/look at/envy/wish list. But apparently it’s the Hot New Thing that a lot of people have, so we set it up in our kitchen and have been trying to find a purpose for it ever since.

Issues of voluntarily bugging your own home aside (as Alexa is always listening for her activation word), I still don’t quite get the device. It’s still more of a novelty than a useful tool, having yet to jump that gap. My tablet used to exist more on the novelty side for a long time until it finally found its niche in my life, so we’ll see what happens here.

So what is the Echo? It’s a tube that’s an audio-activated computer coupled with a booming speaker. It listens for prompts that start…

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