The Caverns of Ulthik and the Tree of Stone

Dyson's Dodecahedron

A magical stone dragon has hatched in the Ku Highlands – a call for adventure if ever there was one!

The flinty grey sands and basalt promontories of the Ku Highlands make for an inhospitable home to the three highland tribes. The nomadic tribes all share stories of various places of interest that remain slightly taboo to them (with the unspoken reasoning that these are the places where the youth will venture in their personal quests for adulthood and to “break the rules”). Today we speak of the Caverns of Ulthik and the Tree of Stone.

Dragon Tree Crater Dragon Tree Crater

An ancient fumarole in a basalt crater has been home to the Tree of Stone since these tales were first told around a fire by the earliest humans on the Ku Highlands. The main fumarole has long been quiet, with only a slight sulfuric scent in the air as a reminder of…

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