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Tactalicious & Craftalicious

Sure, we all want some kind of livestock animals that lay golden eggs – but short of that we have Cannith crafting. Like with my wiz; took him and my wife for another run yesterday – getting the most out of 31% XP boost. I kept noticing that a good portion of my spells failed (like when I need to drop a firewall and you get nada other than some irate critters about to punch a hole in your wooden head). So I checked and my ‘home made’ armor (power X) also comes with 5% spell failure. So today I redid my wiz gloves (BTA Concentration +13) into Lesser arcane dexterity gloves of Concentration +10. Add a lil’ Masterful Crafting and ML 11 turns into ML 9 – enough for my level 10 Wiz to use them and eliminate those pesky miss-fires.

Imagine what I would have to do in…

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