Gaming mix in early 2017


My current MMORPG gaming mix has changed somewhat since coming back from the holidays, as usual I have more stalwart games than I can find time to play so I have my usual shortlist that I try to concentrate on in order to make progress on self-imposed goals.

World of Warcraft

WoW remains our main trio game at the moment, although 7.1.5 didn’t add much for small groups beyond the new grind to upgrade legendary items. We’re leveling alts now through the Legion content; learning the quest chains to do and those to skip to get through zones efficiently. As I’ve written before playing the same zones again and again can be a path to boredom, so we’re also doing some rounds of World Quests as times and mood dictate. World bosses once a week are a highlight still as the gear and gold are still worth it for such…

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