Crunching Down the Numbers of My Monster Manual-Part 6

Erdrique's Blog

It’s been quite some time since I took a look at my monster manual.  The last time I looked at the numbers of my monster manual was with Hamllin back last March where I looked at the number of enemies he has come across and defeated.  One thing I have realized, looking back at this post, is that the links to all of my graphs appear to have “expired.”  I guess that is what I get for trying to use Facebook to save those images.  I’m going to have to see if I can save my images elsewhere.  In any case, I wanted to complete that analysis by looking further into the defeats Hamllin has suffered.  Now this data is obviously a little old so these numbers have changed but it is still fun to look at them.

Similar to what I saw with Erdrique, the tends I noticed here…

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