My First Crafting Weapon in Updated Cannith Crafting

Erdrique's Blog

Although the Cannith Crafting update occurred awhile ago, I really haven’t had a chance to experiment with it.  The only thing I was doing was breaking down loot into Cannith essences and occasionally crafting some level shards.  One of the reasons why I didn’t play around with the new system was because you couldn’t really get the most out of it until you hit level 10, or at least until you crafted level 10 equipment.  So I waited until Erdrique hit level 10.

Once I hit level 10, I decided the first thing I wanted to craft was a new khopesh.  I had a blank khopesh with a red augment slot that I wanted to make into something new.  So I headed off to the Crafting Hall and crafted a minimum level 10 shard.  I then upgraded the level 10 khopesh to have an extra enhancement slot.  In the end…

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