“Let’s play something else”


My husband and I have a long gaming history together. Back before 2007 – when we tried WoW and discovered the virtual delights of MMORPGs – playing something else would usually mean buying a PC game box, buying two boxes (for local network coop) or trying something new on console.

Some of my older games Some of my older games

These days, “let’s playing something else” usually means the latest MMO fad or going back to a MMO we have played before. Gone are the days of buying boxes: so there’s no ritual of travelling to a PC gaming store in the hope they have copies in stock. That has been replaced by the always available digital download, and what a download!


NB: I included a couple of non-MMOs to show just how crazy their disk usage can be as well.

I suppose recent trends in game design have excerbated this problem, lots of cutscenes…

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