Quick and easy D&D adventures

The Long Shot

Whether you’ve convinced a group of people to play Dungeons & Dragons for the first time, or a group of grognards gathers at the table for a new campaign with fresh characters, there’s one thing all D&D players need – an adventure.


The Player’s Handbook does a good job of explaining the dynamic of a D&D game, with DMs presenting the world and various scenarios to players, who then choose what their characters do in that world. The dice and the DM are there to arbitrate those choices and determine the characters’ successes and failures.

At its most basic, an adventure is a story seed that gives players a point of entry into the game world. Many adventures strung together over time evolve into a campaign, which is essentially the story that the players and their characters create together.

For an experienced DM, it can sometimes seem more challenging to…

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