Cerge TR 7

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Yesterday (Jan 30) I finally got around to TR’ing Cerge. I haven’t really enjoyed him as a druid, so I decided I was done, finished his sagas, turned them in, capped him, cleaned out his TR bank and did the crafting tutorial. The I was ready to TR. The plan was to do shadarkai pure ranger, which meant using a +1 (or higher) lesser heart after TR. This was my first time using a + anything heart, but everything went well. Here are his before and after pictures.

13 druid/ 6 monk/ 1 cleric/ 10 epic morninglord        15 ranger shadarkai

This is also my first time doing a shadarkai. I loved Cerge’s lookes as a morninglord, but I think he looks totally badass as a shadarkai. 🙂 And yes, I’m still using the same cosmetic armor on him. I feel it fits him.

That’s all.


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