Surreal virtual moments


I’ve been extra glad of some pure virtual escapism as real world news gets worse and worse. I’ve greatly appreciated several recent moments in MMO games that featured imaginative storytelling, plain surreal situations and unexpected humour.


Bond film opening credits remake? Bond film opening credits remake?

I can’t say much about this image without story spoilers for the Imperial Agent. There is an in-game reason why my character appears to be spewing miniature people from his mouth, needless to say at the time I was impressed and confused by the surrealism of this montage. It did remind me stylistically of an early Bond film opening credits.


Fear the watery sky Fear the watery sky

I’ve just progressed from Goboro Reef onwards to the Draumheim zone, which surprisingly is way below the former and separated from it by a layer of ocean. So my character looks upwards and sees giant Akvan tentacled monstrosities swimmingin the sky above…

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