Getting Used to A New Weapon Type

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The Artificer class has been out for quite some time now (since Update 11, released in September 2011) however I never took the time to draft one up until after the Gnome race was released in Update 30 along with the Anniversary Party last year (February 2016).  When that occurred, I created a number of characters (at least enough to fill all of my available character slots).  One of the characters I created was a gnome artificer named Breyy.

One of the unique features of this class, is the fun ability to use a Rune Arm.  You can imagine a rune arm being like a mini-cannon that slides on your arm.  It is essentially another weapon type that the artificer class can use to dispatch of his/her enemies.  It took me a little while to figure out how the this ability works.  Part of this is because I…

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