The Kobold Circuit

Dyson's Dodecahedron

When I talk about my dislike for Tucker’s Kobolds, I usually admit that I once ran a Tucker’s Kobolds style adventure in my teens when I thought it was clever to do everything in my power as a DM to make 1/2HD, low-intelligence humanoids into top-trained commando killers just like in that classic Dragon magazine article.

And then someone tells me how much they’d love to see a map designed for such a thing.

The Kobold Circuit The Kobold Circuit

While this map is inspired by Tucker’s Kobolds with many very small tunnels designed for rapid movement of small-sized assailants, it is also heavily modeled on my memories of the Assassin’s Run from Dragon Magazine (which later turned up in an AD&D2e adventure module).

If used as the Assassin’s Run, the object is for would-be graduates of the run to make it from the initial room (upper left side, with the stairs…

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