This is Totally Not another D&D Fiasco

Dyson's Dodecahedron

One of my absolute favourite parts of the Fiasco RPG is the playsets where you set up the game. Based on those playsets, I put together one that we use when creating new characters for our D&D campaigns which I then revise for each campaign we start.

Totally not a D&D Fiasco version 3 Totally not a D&D Fiasco version 3 (click for PDF)

We start session zero with a playset and a stack of d6. The number of d6 is based on the number of players and how many attachments will be on each relationship. The traditional method is that each player sets up a relationship with the PC to the right and left of them, as well as either one Need / Desire or one Place / Person attached to that relationship. For our most recent campaign setup, we tried making it so each relationship has both a need and a place.

For one attachment per…

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