FeVRier: Experiences I NEED in VR


I’ve been playing through ‘Resident Evil VII’ in VR and it is one incredible experience. Here we have Virtual Reality and my favourite gaming series of all time combined together in a beautiful union and the resulting experience is quite simply one that defines my gaming career.


There are no words to express just how right a fit ‘Resident Evil VII’ is for PSVR (well there are words, but wait for the review yeah?) and how it gives me exactly what I wanted from it – it gave me the opportunity to live in a horror movie. And it is stunning – I’ve been scared loads, I’ve frozen on the spot on more than just a few occasions and I’ve not wanted to continue more times than I’m proud of. None of these feelings overpower the experience. Looking down that corridor in stereoscopic 3D is mind-blowingly cool; knowing that I…

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