How to flag for The Vault of Night

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As you may know I’m doing a spreadsheet with “How to flag”, “Raid Solo” and “Raid with party”. I’m adding to it as I go, and I’m recording flagging videos where I’ve flagged a character solo. I don’t want to do flagging videos with pug.

To flag for The Vault of Night, pick up the chain from Marek Malcanus (or you can do it after you’ve completed the quests).
Then pick up, run and turn in the following quests:
Tharashk Arena (VoN 1)
The Prisoner (VoN 2)
The Jungle of Khyber (VoN 3)
Haywire Foundry (VoN 4)

You can if you like, talk to Marek Malcanus between the quests, but it isn’t needed. Once you’ve turned in the 4 quests, talk to him again, then you can head up to the raid entrance and talk to Barrow d’Kundarak to pick up the raid.

Here’s the video for the flag for…

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