The Test of a Pirate

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If your a pirate in DDO, the place to head to is Three Barrel Cove.  Three Barrel Cove is basically the haven for the pirates of the Thunder Sea.  The quests found within Three Barrel Cove are basically focused on your ability and skill to see if you can meet the demands necessary for the life of a pirate.  One of these quests is The Scondrel’s Run.  The Scondrel’s Run is one of the premier tests for any would be pirate.

Upon hearing this, one would think that the quest is filled with traps, challenging obstacles and puzzles, and the need to defeat other would be pirates.  However, for the most part, The Scondrel’s Run doesn’t contain many of these features.  Perhaps the most surprising is that the enemies you encounter are primarily minotaurs (although you do encounter a few earth elementals, scorpions, and bats). I would expect…

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