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Micki's Delirium

December 14, 2012 I wrote a blog post called Maidae’s Story. A lot has happened since then. My plan back when I first made Maidae, was to make an end game monk, so I asked on the ddo forums, “what do I need to do to make an end game monk?”. I was told that I need 3 monk past lives and maybe one barbarian. That is where I started out.

The game has since then changed, and monks have changed. A pure melee monk wasn’t as good anymore. I still stuck to my plan, I did 2 monk past lives and one barbarian before switching to iconics and TR’ing at cap. I also did some epic past lives inbetween. Someone told me I also need fighter past lives, so I added that to my plan.

I think Maidae has been my favorite character for a while. I loved…

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