Trip, The Stable for A Strength Based Melee Combatant

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There are a large number of feats in DDO, especially for those who like to engage in melee combat.  A few of these melee feats are handed out to all characters during the creation process, with one of these being Trip.  To a melee combatant, the trip feat can be extremely useful.  By building up your trip ability, a melee character can use trip as an effective crowd control mechanism, especially if you don’t have an arcane or divine caster to help stop a crowd of enemies in their tracks.

The difficulty check for a trip attempt is based on 10 + strength modifier + enhancements + vertigo bonus against an enemies strength or dexterity saves.  If a creature is tripped and subsequently knocked down, they can then make a balance check to get back up after a short period of time.  Naturally, the higher the strength score you…

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