LE/EE raids week 17

Micki's Delirium

When I logged this Saturday there seemed to be quite little people on.. but I posted anyway. I was, though, expecting to struggle to fill, I accepted anyone hitting the lfm, even though I felt like they might not have been quite ready for Legendary Shroud Reaper 1 skull. Soon I had a full party and we started. I had warned the party that the raid lags, but I don’t think some were quite prepared for how bad it gets at the portals in part 1. We were a bit slow, but I felt like we were getting things done.. until I missed that a second portal keeper had spawned right after the one we killed. I noticed it a bit late, we had about half the time you’d normally have when a portal keeper spawns.. we rushed in and failed.

I believe everyone in the party was up for…

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