Don’t fear the (giant) reaper

Even Now

Another one of my gimpier toons introduced himself to Twitch and livestreaming Sunday night as Zak the super-squishy pale master rounded up some friends and headed to Gianthold for some reaper mode fun.

I think having five Flower Sniffers for the stream, including Comic Relief in his “Streamin’ with Even” debut, was also a first! And DDO blogger Luedwig Bait’Hoven joined us for the first time as well. Even Citi managed to make it on!

Two-skull Prison of the Planes turned out to be a bit beyond our reach, although Zak surprised me by being the last one left standing (mostly because he spent a lot of time RUNNING AWAY, which is a perfectly valid playstyle when you’re as gimpy as he is). One skull, though, turned out to be just about right – oh, we still died, and not infrequently. But compared to our two-skull effort, piece of cake!

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