Secret Tunnels Beneath the Graveyard

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The tombs and mausoleums of the Graveyard of the Thoughtful Daughter encrust the hill in the northeast of city of the gods concealing the older graveyard that has been here since the foundation of the city that stood here before.

Secret tunnels beneath the graveyard Secret tunnels beneath the graveyard

A secret door in the stonework of the mausoleum of Ankrabar the Violet leads down into a series of tunnels and crypts leftover from the original graveyard. Tight damp tunnels lead from crypt to crypt and to the occasional sealed tomb. Some of these tunnels have evidently been cut from the earth and stone by relentless claws and bones – sure signs of trapped ghouls and other foul creatures.

At the northernmost point of the map, a collapsed stonework wall grants glimpses into a much larger underground sepulcher. However moving all that stonework will require the effort of many men and many hours, unless of course…

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