Crunching Down the Numbers of My Monster Manual-Part 7

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So far, I have taken a look at my monster manual statistics for my account as a whole (Part 1 and Part 2), specifically for Erdrique (Part 3 and Part 4), and specifically for Hamllin (Part 5 and Part 6).  Now, I want to take a look at the same trends and analysis for another of my characters, Kolll.  Kolll is a first life Ranger, who primarily focuses on the Arcane Archer enhancement line and is currently working his way through the Shiradi Epic Destiny.

One immediate thing that is clear when looking at the statistics, Kolll doesn’t account for nearly as much as the overall monster kills as Erdrique and Hamllin.  This is primarily simply due to time constraints.  Although I really enjoy playing Kolll, he just doesn’t get the same amount of playing time as Erdrique or Hamllin.  All told…

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