Death by dev

Even Now

One of the best – heck, probably THE best – thing about livestreaming on the official DDOStream channel is the chat, where I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some awesome, amazing, quirky, talented, and zany people.

Having those convos going really adds to my enjoyment of whatever I happen to be running… especially when I’m feeling a bit off (woke up with a crushing migraine, probably why I felt kinda flat last night) and am playing a gimpy toon, like Reera the squishy swashbuckler.

Seki (26) and Reera (25) got through the anniversary event just fine at level 27. We were doing OK at 28 – until we ran into Vargouille, who at least had the decency to be hanging out close enough to the shrine for us to rez ourselves when we died.

Which happened approximately once every 1.4 seconds.


While taking a moment in soulstone form to…

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