DDO and Diablo 3


Last night my DDO static took on Proof is in the Poison, possibly the most diabolical dungeon ever devised by a team of devs. Without going into too much spoilerish detail, it is very long, stock full of nasty traps and high-damage acid pits and you face large numbers of highly dangerous enemy wizards who will happily burn you, melt you, freeze you and otherwise ‘blast you to smithereens’ if not killed quickly and efficiently.

Big jets of flame are the least of our worries in here…

I’d played this dungeon twice before, both previous times at least 2 years ago if not longer. One of the others players was on one of those attempts, the third had never seen the place. So we took precautions as much as possible and went through very slow and steady. Spell points are a big issue on this quest as there’s only one…

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