Syp’s Gaming Goals for March

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marchFebruary in review

A large bulk of February for me was playing Lord of the Rings Online. I dumped a lot of time in catching up my Lore-master to the current endgame and attained that goal a week or so ago now that she is questing in North Ithilien. The return is very strong with this game, and I had a great time both in outfitting a premium house and starting up a baby Hobbit Minstrel to play on the side.

Other than that, more of the same from The Secret World and World of Warcraft — the occasional quest through Transylvania in the former and daily quests in the latter. I’ve been messing around with various WoW alts, trying to find one worthy of my time in this expansion. So far, no dice. I did get a little SWTOR time too, about two sessions’ worth in the Fallen…

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