D&D lore in MMOs


I’m a long-time fan of the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game (RPG) and have spent countless hours playing this with friends over the years. I’ve also enjoyed many of the computer RPGs based on this rule system. D&D like all RPGs is a game of the imagination, so I find that the lore of the fantastical world in which your character adventures is very important to an immersive gameplay experience.

Since coming back to play Neverwinter actively over the holidays, I’ve been surprised and impressed with the presentation of lore in this game. ‘Lore’ is a loaded term meaning different things to different people but for the context of this post I’ll address three specific aspects: the presentation of the Forgotten Realms setting, the ‘meta’ layer of lore related to game rules and the presentation of lore in the user interface. I’ll address each in turn below.

Neverwinter the setting

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