A good tune for hurling down ale!

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Children of the Smith

The old rhymes
They‘re on my mind

We‘re one tribe
We share our memories
Clear and bright
We walk as one
Our lines are bound together
We share fate
We share one fate
We share fate

Voices calling, I‘m the one
A glorious vision
What may come

Now let our axes sing an anthem
The glory of all dwarves

Protector of the free lands
We redeem our mission
We‘re brothers, one by one
Divine Smith‘s valiant sons
By Vraccas
It‘s our destiny

We are the chosen
We are the children
We are forged in fire
And made of stone

We are the guardians of the realm
From the beginning till the end
We will praise the Divine
Who will last till eternity

Forged in fire we were born
We‘re made of stone
By Old father‘s hand
Gave life to us, and more

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