Who is Lord Hragg?

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One of the oldest story arcs and set of quests in DDO is the Grey Moon Waning and Cult of the Six quests.  The basic premise behind these quests is that a clan of ogres has been betrayed by a small faction of their own tribe with the support of trolls and dark priests who worship the Dark Six.  The previous clan leader of the Grey Moon ogres, who reside on Sorrowdusk Isle, is usurped by an evil and brusk ogre named Grust who has given the trolls the ancestral caves of the Grey Moon ogres and has allowed the dark priest to revive the ancient Dark Six temple that resides on Sorrowdusk Isle.

Lord Hragg is the rightful clan leader of the Grey Moon ogre tribe.  As we make our through the set of quests for these two story arcs we learn that Lord Hragg is a powerful and…

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