Goals? Pfffft. KITTEHS!

Even Now

Soooo many things I wanted to get done this past weekend!

Prettify OurDDO. Finish as many sagas as possible on as many toons as possible. Run the anniversary event a few gazillion times. Get a couple of toons leveled up.

Oh, and a fair amount of real-life stuff, too.

But… KITTENS. Because I have two of them, nine-month-old sisters. And they have to be played with and cuddled and loved and spoiled. BECAUSE KITTENS.

So what I *actually* got done was a teeny smattering of real-life stuff, one anniversary event run, and a couple of sagas done on Acanthia and Reera, and… yeah, that’s pretty much it.


Fern and Charlotte!

Anyway, for Sunday’s livestream, I brought Even out after giving her some time off, and got in one run of the anniversary party before heading off to Wheloon for Through a Mirror Darkly. I’d run her through the first four quests…

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