Rockin’ out

Even Now

Pet rock!

I got 98 pets and a lich ain’t one.

But a pet rock IS!

No, I haven’t turned into Jay-Z. And I could’ve waited for one more pet so it would’ve been 99 pets to match those lyrics better. But unless DDO releases another pet in the reasonably near future, my next acquisitions will be the reapers, and I intend to get all four of those the minute I have enough reaper XP. (So, y’know, around the year 2031…)

I debated a couple of names and nearly went with TakenForGranite, but that just seemed sad – who wants to take their pet for granite, even if it’s a rock? And then AgateYouBabe popped into my head. If you don’t get it, clearly you need to brush up on your bad 70’s music.

Agate likes to do – well, mostly nothing. His favorite activities are the first three tricks in his…

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