Garish mounts


Massively has a discussion post about garish mounts and whether players should be able to hide them or have an option to filter them to be more lore appropriate. Many MMORPGs do go all out with a huge variety of mounts, they along with companion pets are a popular thing to collect. Everquest 2, as mentioned in the article, has a pretty zany selection of mounts – including giant bunnies, big dragons, clouds and more. Although the crafting area in New Halas can be a bit choked with a bizarre zoo of rideable creatures, I do not count this as being particularly out of character in Norrath.

EQ2 embraces fantastical mounts

World of Warcraft has its fair share of out-there mounts as well and most of them I have no issue with. I’ve become less bothered by the steampunk elements in the game but when they first introduced a full-on…

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