City of the Gods – Session 2

Dyson's Dodecahedron

After finding their missing companion half in his cups with no memories of the previous day at all (let alone a monstrous chronovore, demon, people skins, etc), the group assembled to figure out what to do about the skins they had found last session.

They had stumbled upon the perfectly dressed, immaculate skins of three people under the guard / protection / or possession of a demon.

One of these they recognized as the elder of the Beardsmith dwarven clan – a gentledwarf rarely seen outside of the dwarven enclaves, but who would probably make an appearance at Dwarves Night in three nights (the night commemorating the departure of most of the dwarves from this world at the end of the great war).

Another was of Darius an Durrend, a playboy and dilettante who thinks himself a fair duelist (although he isn’t – as the duelist in the party was…

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