Some D&D5e Magic Items

Dyson's Dodecahedron

I’ve wanted to post these items for some time, but keep trying to illustrate them first. But my illustration skills remain weak, and I’m finally posting them to get them out of my “to do” list. These are magic items I created for our last D&D5e campaign that is now over – I believe some of them were never found or were not used after being found.

Esturk’s Amaranthine Blades

Require Attunement
These leather bracers with silver buckles and edging allow the wearer to attack with any number of darts (limited by the character’s attacks per round). These darts are created as the wearer “draws” them from the bracers. The darts exist for 3 rounds once drawn, and shed a white light with the intensity of a torch. They are treated as magic weapons, but gain no attack or damage bonus. The bracers must be worn as a pair to…

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