Wraps and reapers

Even Now

I was hoping to get on Lamannia and make a Dragonborn for this week’s stream, but either Lamannia’s down or it just doesn’t want to work on my extremely temperamental computer. So I decided to use my stream time to continue working on sagas (when the next renown weekend comes along, I am SO gonna be ready!). Even needed Sschindylryn and Druid’s Deep to mostly complete her epic Eveningstar sagas, and I was getting heartily sick of Drow, so I figured the vine horrors in the Druid’s chain would be a nice break.

And they were… but I’d forgotten about the wisps. The laggy, fear-inducing wisps. OK, Even doesn’t get feared, ’cause she’s a paladin. But still. Those damn things can take an otherwise manageable quest and turn it into a nightmare.

But I really wanted to get the chain done, partly because I needed it for sagas, and a…

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