LE/EE raids week 20

Micki's Delirium

As per my new routine, I posted for Shroud at 9 pm (3pm EST) on reaper 1 skull difficulty. At first there was really no interest at all, and I was considering cancelling raid night. It did take a long time to fill, over an hour, but eventually we had a full party and were ready to start. With the trees missing in the party, the lag was pretty much non existent, but I felt my party wasn’t quite ready for reaper. In our first attempt the portal keepers started spawning already at the second or third portal and everything turned messy. We did decide to give it a second try.

Second try was a bit better, we were a bit more organized, but at some point we ended up getting split up when chasing keepers, people dying, multiple keepers alive, and it was a failure again. I gave up…

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