Subbing the Subterrane

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So, I’ve asked my guildies to help me try and get the Tira’s Splendor rune arm from Garamol (who I keep wanting to call Gargamel!) tonight for my artificer. And while we’re down there, we thought we’d take a looksie at the Hound of Xoriat, see if she needs some fresh food putting down……like our limbs!!!

I expect to die horribly 🙂 Will let you know though

*** EDIT *** Well, no rune arm and we died 🙂 But gives us an idea for next time. What really made me laugh, though, was on the last death my Iron Defender pet said ‘OPTIMISM: THE BELIEF THAT EVERYTHING WILL GO AS PLANNED. BORDERING ON INSANITY.’


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