Tues-Wed raids

Micki's Delirium

After the feedback I got on my “Thoughts” post, I’m now trying to blog a bit more often. I’m trying to keep the text short and interesting, and am trying to not add too many pictures (how can there be too many anyway?).

Tuesday-Wednesday I run a few raids, that is Cerge does eADQ on Tues and elite Shroud on Wed, Thazara does hard ToD on Tues. Cerge has gone from being a crappy caster who was out of mana after one room in eNorm ADQ, to being able to solo all the rooms, and can do 3 with the mana he has. I forgot to take pics of the run, but Cerge did 3 rooms, then had to go rescue a first time runner from the penalty box, as he read the wrong glyph and died. We got a second group and had a good raid. 🙂 I pulled…

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