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I’m back. I’ve been back. But only sporadically. So many things have happened since I lost my job, fixed up the house to sell, and now found another job, and still looking to sell the house.

Some days and weekends simply fly by in a blur.

But here I am; level 6 Dragonborn Warlock. Took my level 30 Warlock and did a epic reincarnation to get to level 20 and get an epic past life – then racial reincarnation to a Dragonborn. I already have 3 deep gnome under the belt and tons of acid based items (played a acid based Sorc for the longest time) so I naturally created an acid based Dragonborn warlock.

It’ll be a little different – it takes a lot of racial enhancement points to get the good stuff from it. I counted roughly 25. That means a lot less on the Warlock side. I…

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